DSL Collection © 2018

The concept of an adventure is very much key to the spirit of dslcollection – from the artworks that we collect to the way we share the collection through digital technology – everything is aimed at bringing different and memorable experiences for people to connect with art. For this reason, we have chosen to present this second edition of the dslcollection book in two formats – a digital version for an interactive experience, and a printed edition. To enable our readers to fully appreciate and experience the diversity in China’s contemporary art scene, and more importantly, to create their own adventure , we have decided to “curate” this 2nd edition, arranging our artists and artworks according to their specialities and positioning them in different chapters, similar to a series of rooms in an exhibition. Our aim is not to be an encyclopaedic collection, but just to open a few doors to China’s contemporary art scene. As a start, Chapter 1 focuses on the earlier generation of contemporary artists, those who were already active around the Chinese Avant-Garde Exhibition in 1989. Caught amidst one of the most turbulent periods in China’s modern history, many of these artists had to create outside the formal system, or “machine”. The next few chapters are arranged according to regions – Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. We dedicate a chapter to new media artists and end with a survey of the latest generation of Chinese artists, many of whom are relatively unknown in the West. At the end of the book, you will find a certain number of tags that enable you to watch the videos of the collection or to experience the virtual exhibition curated by Martina Köppel-Yang. This catalogue has been produced with the aim of sharing, as much as possible, the adventure and l’esprit of dslcollection. – Helen Ho