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With over 29,000 likes on our Facebook page and a

high degree of daily interactions, dslcollection has placed

itself well ahead of other private collections despite not

having a physical exhibition space. We have also

recently launched a Spanish version of our Facebook

page which is aimed at increasing our visibility in Spain

and Latin America. Ilma Nausedaite is in charge of our

English Facebook page, and Ofelia Botella is looking

after the Spanish version.


With over 15,000 connections spread across 200 cities

around the world, dslcollection continues to engage with

the public on a very personal basis, sharing our artworks

and knowledge of Chinese contemporary art with

professionals in the art world as well as interested

amateurs. The level of endorsements and the successful

collaborations that have resulted from our connections

have proven the power of social networks as a

communication tool.


Launched at the end of 2011, Artstack is an innovative

social platform for users to find, share, and discover art,

design and video. While sharing similar social functions of

Facebook, Artstack is an exclusively artistic community;

hence recommendations, comments and dialogues are

much more focused. Dslcollection has been sharing our

artworks through Artstack since it was first launched at the

end of 2011. We now have over 38,000 followers, many of

whom are new to the Chinese contemporary art scene.