DSL Magazine: Issue 4 - page 4

orn in Heilongjiang Province,
China, in 1976, Gao Weigang’s
artistic journey started at the early
age of four. A self-professed loner,
Gao didn’t have many friends and
turned to art as a form of self-
expression. In 2006, he graduated
from the Tianjing Academy of Fine
Arts, with a major in oil paintings. "
Despite his professional training, he
didn’t consciously pursued a career
as an artist. Indeed, it was pure
chance that he started painting
again. In a recent interview during
his first solo exhibition in Singapore
at Espace Louis Vuitton, Gao
explained his return to art: !
“Ineverhad thegoal tobecomean
artist, scientist oranastronaut.
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