DSL Magazine: Issue 4 - page 5

All I amdoingwithmyart is self-
2012, installation
“This is quite a funny story. It was
completely coincidental, asmany of
my life’s incidents are. It was out of
sheer coincidence, or fate as some
would call it, that I got back into
making art. It all started when a
friend of mine asked for my help in
finding him a studio but when I
finally got it, he decided that he
didn’t want it anymore. So one day,
I decided that since I was already
stuckwith the space, I might aswell
do something. I started by painting
again but I soon got bored with the
traditional medium. That was when I
started experimenting with other
stuff and here I am. I still don't really
knowwhat I am doing to be honest.
I just make things and try to explain
why I did it.”!
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