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542 Artists Name HU WEIYI ĺ´Ģ Artist statement: In a space, the luminous line is been used as a link to cross and stitch on different human body and objects. The image that has been illuminated by the line is then recorded with a camera. The actual line and the line in the image interacts with each other, as quietly as Boston ivy climb along from the wall into the pictures on the wall. The content of the images includes flowers, butterflies, bones, mirror, chest and hands, his and her kissing lips ... luminous line looks like walking stitch suture with links to a variety of different kinds of objects, soft or hard, durable or temporary, after the luminous line penetrates objects with different materials, it brings out different physical and psychological feelings: love and affection, injured, reunion, straightforward, and so on. At this point, the way of presenting this isolated flat image is broken, self-luminous line will link the characters or objects, forming the shadow of light. Light itself becomes like a source of intrinsic link, or invisible fate that destined to marriage. It will produce relationships between the objects and people; reconstruction between different images, ultimately creates a narrative relationship in the space. The exhibition scene is the screen of the cinema, so that the connection of lines made "edit" become the creation itself, rather than plain methods. Flirt Mixed media installation. 50 x 33 cm (5 images); 40 x 60 cm (17 images); 70 x 46 cm (12 images); 80 x 53 cm (5 images); 100 x 67 cm (10 images). 2014